Programme Structure

The Applied Biotechnology Programme is a master study programme. It has the duration of 4 semesters and the total volume of 120 ECTS. Study form is full-time studies.

All Programme Applied Biotechnology is taught in English, however, the majority of subjects are taught in Lithuanian as well.

The Programme consists of Basic and Special Study parts:

Programme Structure

Basic Part

The Basic (General Education) part of the Programme (I-II semesters, 60 ECTS) is comprised of six compulsory subjects (36 ECTS), which enhance basic knowledge in the areas important for biotechnology, and two elective (12 ECTS) subjects, which allow students to start composing a unique, individualised profile of their degree. The also includes Research Work (6 ECTS) and Research Project (6 ECTS), which usually serve as an introductory step to a Master Thesis preparation.

Compulsory Subjects (6 ECTS each):

Semester I:

1. Molecular Biology BIO 501;
2. Chemical and Biochemical Microanalysis BBK 6006;
3. Applied Microbiology BTC 5003.

Semester II:

1. Industrial Plant and Process Design BTC 5006;
2. Molecular Biotechnology BIO 5005;
3. Cell and Tissue Culture Technology BTC 5007*.

*Note: This subject is taught at VMU & CIM.

Elective Subjects (6 ECTS each):

Semester I:

1. Biofuel BIF 5001;
2. Special Course (visiting teacher) BTC 5005;
3. Any Subject of Any Specialization (see below).

Semester II:

1. Bionanotechnology and Biomodeling BIO 6002;
2. Quantum-Chemical and Molecular Dynamics Modeling BTC 5009*;
3. Molecular Methods in Forensic Medicine BIO 6009;
4. Biophotonics FIZ 5013;
5. Special Course (visiting teacher) BTC 5005.

*Note: This subject is taught by lecturers from VU & LU (Nancy, France).

Special Part

Special part of the Applied Biotechnology Programme (III-IV semesters, 60 ECTS) consists of the subjects of specialist options (specializations) (24 ECTS), Scientific Professional Practice (6 ECTS), and a Master Thesis (30 credits).

The objective of the Special Part of the Programme is to deepen student knowledge in specific areas of applied biotechnology in order to get prepared for their future professional or research activities in those chosen area. Due to this, the Special part of the Programme is divided into four specialist options (specializations), each of which is comprised of four compulsory subjects (24 ECTS).


Medical Biotechnology

Medical Biotechnology*

Compulsory subjects of this specialization are:

  1. 1. Biotechnology for Medicine BIO 6007 (VMU);
  2. 2. Molecular Laboratory Diagnostics BIO 5009 (VMU);
  3. 3. Regenerative Medicine Technologies BTC 6031 (CIM);
  4. 4. Immunotechnology BTC 6032 (CIM).

*Note: Organized in collaboration with CIM.

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Plant Biotechnology

Plant Biotechnology*

Compulsory subjects of this specialization are:

  1. 1. Molecular Biology of Medicinal Plants BIO 5010;
  2. 2. Forest Biotechnology BTC 6021;
  3. 3. Agricultural Biotechnology BTC 6022;
  4. 4. Horticulture Biotechnology BTC 6023.

*Note: Double Diplomas opportunity with partner universities.

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Innovative Bioelectrotechnologies

Innovative Bioelectrotechnologies

Compulsory subjects of this specialization are:

  1. 1. Mechanims and Methods of Bioelectrotechnologies BTC 6011;
  2. 2. Biomedical Applications of Pulsed Electric Fields BTC 6012;
  3. 3. Instrumentation and Electrochemistry of PEF Technologies BTC 6013;
  4. 4. Applications of Pulsed Electric Fields for Food and Biomass Processing BTC 6014.
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Applied Biotechnology

Applied Biotechnology

Compulsory subjects of this specialization are:

  1. 1. Biotechnology for Medicine BIO 6007;
  2. 2. Bionanotechnology and Biomodeling BIO 6002;
  3. 3. Integral Analysis of Biological Systems BBK 6003;
  4. 4. Genetically Modified Organisms BIO 6003.

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More specializations will be added soon!

Double Diplomas programme

Double Diploma programme is the initiative allowing students to obtain 2 diplomas of 2 different universities (VMU and its partner university) during single study cycle.

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