Medical Biotechnology

Specialization Medical Biotechnology

The specialization Medical Biotechnology of the Master degree study programme in Applied Biotechnology is organized by the Department of Biology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences (VMU) in close co-operation with the State Research Institute Centre for Innovative Medicine.

The objective of specialization Medical Biotechnology is to deepen student knowledge in medical biotechnology in order to get prepared for their future professional or research activities in this area. It is comprised of four compulsory subjects (24 ECTS) covering different aspects of medical biotechnology.

Compulsory Subjects (6 ECTS each) of this specialization:

  1. 1. Biotechnology for Medicine BIO 6007 (VMU);
  2. 2. Molecular Laboratory Diagnostics BIO 5009 (VMU);
  3. 3. Regenerative Medicine Technologies BTC 6031 (CIM)*;
  4. 4. Immunotechnology BTC 6032 (CIM)*.

Elective Subjects

Students can start composing a unique, individualised profile of their degree already during the first year of their study by choosing two elective subjects (one elective subject per semester) closely related to this area. This way they can direct their studies toward medical biotechnology even more.

Elective Subjects related to Medical Biotechnology (6 ECTS each):

Semester I:

1. Molecular Biology of Medicinal Plants BIO 5010;
2. Biomedical Applications of Pulsed Electric Fields BTC 6012.

Semester II:

1. Molecular Methods in Forensic Medicine BIO 6009.

List of all Elective Subjects